Design that goes beyond agenda!

Designs are created when you have the power to choose and select. Swastik Shutters gives you an option to choose, select and make your own design. As simple as it sounds, you just need to follow some steps:

A technology that uses a laser to cut materials, for manufacturing applications, laser cutting is an innovation here to stay. With CNC (computer numerical control) being introduced in the mix, it opens a host of avenues for individuals to explore and invent.

We at Swastik Shutters aim to explore and ideate the lengths to which the machine can out-perform.

How it Works



Everything starts with an idea, share your files with us in the following format, and let our experts have a look at them and see its workability and feasibility.



Our team of designers will evaluate and identify the design for all technical issues to assure complete customer satisfaction and thus fine tune the nuances attached to the said design and then make a final printable design for which we will provide a quote and an output date.



Once the final designs is seen and approved and budgets are authorized by you, we initiate the cutting of the design.

Design Process

Step 1 : Raw Material is loaded on laser machine to cut in desired shape and size as per the drawing file received.

Step 2 : Cut material is put on bending machine to fold/bend as per drawings.

Step 3 : Component is passed through welding/grinding stage for further fabrication.

Step 4 : Semi – finished component is passed through finishing process, i.e. plating, painting, powder coating.

Step 5 : Packed and delivered to customer.